Why I Quit my Corporate Job to Chase My Dog's Tail Instead

How Do You Know if You're Whole? 

You know...a doughnut is supposed to have a hole in its middle. The hole is natural and if you think about it, makes the doughnut whole. All I mean is, the doughnut (complete with its hole) is fulfilling its purpose. We, on the other hand, aren't ever going to be whole walking through life with a hole in our gut or our heart. In that respect, we aren't as lucky as a doughnut. 

The day I gave notice at work, it felt like there was a visible hole in the middle of my gut for all who had eyes to see. I'd lived unfulfilled and in agony about it for so many days, weeks, months, and years - refusing to give up my job and give life to my dream - that a literal hole (a bleeding ulcer) had developed inside me. {Insert jelly doughnut puns here.} There was only one right answer to literally fix the hole inside of me. 

Once I gathered enough courage to take the leap of faith, I landed here; the owner of Pupology, and the hole was finally filled. Pupology was never going to be a "traditional" brick and mortar small business. That may change one day, but for now I'm happy with the flexibility, challenges and excitement Pupology's modern business model provides. The hours can be agonizing but the work is always fulfilling.  

So, why did I quit my Corporate job to chase my dog's tail instead? Was there a pivotal moment that suddenly made everything clear? 

For The Love of Dogs

Today we have five dogs but when inspiration hit me, we had four (and one well-loved cat named Georgie...RIP). We love our dogs...I mean really love our dogs! They've always enjoyed the run of the house, including sleeping with us. They've been pampered with weekly doggy day care, including the gold package or whatever special treat they'd talk us into with their puppy dog eyes. They've traveled with us, even if it was to Home Depot or Sonic for Happy Hour! They've eaten well and have never gone without; whether it was being spoiled with trips to the park, yummy treats, new bling or the latest toys. We've loved finding ways to demonstrate to our pets how much we love them. 

A Plastic Bottle Upside The Head

I mentioned how we've shown our dogs love by frequently buying them toys. What I left out is the toys we once bought were inexpensive (okay, cheap). After all, they were just going to tear them up anyway. 

We'd just bought "the coolest" flexible plastic toy that mimicked a beer bottle and Hank (pictured) was giving it his all. At first it was cute how much he loved his new toy. That lasted until I bent down to rub his head and saw most of the design gone from the bottle - it had come off while Hank was innocently having his way with it - and was all over (including inside) his mouth. We had no idea what the paint was made of. We had no inkling the paint would come off when the toy was chewed. It was a chew toy!

Not On Our Watch

As silly as it may seem, it never occurred to us that we should have in-depth knowledge of our dogs' toys. Why would they be sold if there should be reason for concern? Seriously...do you know what your pets' toys are made of? 

The toy bottle was in the trash in a flash! The toy box was inspected for any similar culprits that had unknowingly infiltrated from outside the USA, had paint on them, or had glue holding them together. (It's hard to throw away toys - when they give the appearance of being harmless.)

The topic of discussion became, "Now what do we do about toys? And, what does this mean for their treats and food?" 

A Mission is Born

That was the day my purpose became clear. We have been chosen to care for the pets that come into our lives. We are called to love and protect them. Part of loving them is protecting them from harmful materials that make up their toys, treats and food - things they need to thrive and live in a healthy environment.

Since that day we have educated ourselves about the foods we feed our pups (both, dog food and whole human food). We have spent countless hours researching treats made with all-natural ingredients free of additives, chemicals, fillers and preservatives and U.S. toy companies that make harmless, non-toxic, planet-friendly pet toys. We are proud to be educating pet parents of the importance of being mindful when caring for their pets. And, we are proud to be representing these companies by selling their products on our website and in our pop-up boutiques. 

Long gone is the hole...having been replaced with purpose, inspiration and a mission to serve the pets we are called to protect and love. Dogs {and cats} may not be our whole lives, but they make our lives whole. 




  • Love this, Janet! So happy for and proud of you!

  • I’m so happy for you and all you are doing to educate pet owners. (So you are a teacher after all)
    ;) Loved reading your blog!

    Amber Gareri
  • Chez – you are awesome. Don’t forget that you are more than a “corporate jelly donut,” you are a teacher. Now you’re teaching the world about pups!

    Just this morning I was thinking about Happy Hour at Sonic!

  • I am so proud of you for your bravery and leap of faith and very happy that it transforming not only you but all of us dog owners, fortunate enough to know you and therefore know Pupology. We will all soon say, “we knew Janet when…” and celebrate your amazing growth and success with you and for you <3

    Sandy Weatherford
  • So happy for you. Most never figure out how fill that hole.
    Good luck in this wonderful adventure!


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