Chew vs. Play - Choosing The Right Pup Toy

Every pup is different, so when it comes to choosing the right toy to invest in, you need to consider your pup's personality and  play habits.  You also need to consider how you plan to interact with the toy and your pup. Use this chart to guide you, then get ready for FUN! 

We don't think you'll need it, but West Paw Zogoflex toys come with a one-time replacement guarantee. These toys have a <1% return rate and have thousands of fans & believers.

Here's the Question:  Chew or Play?

Dog CHEW Toys Dog PLAY Toys
Tux dog toy - stuffable dog chew toy Zisc dog frisbee - super strong flying disc dog toy
Uses: Chew, Stuff, Fetch
  • Tuck treats inside this dog toy or fill with broth and freeze
  • Toughest treat toy
  • Throw for fun bouncing
Uses: Fetch, Tug, Floats
  • Super tough doggy disc
  • Flexible material is gentle on dogs' mouths and easy to pick up
  • Flies far and fast and is easy to spot

Jive dog ball Tizzi dog toy - great for fetch or tug
Uses: Chew, Fetch, Floats
  • Toughest dog ball yet
  • Fits standard ball throwers
  • Curved shape gives rowdy bounce
Uses: Fetch, Tug, Stuff, Floats
  • Twist handles together and spiral through the air
  • Dogs love to shake and tug
  • Hide treats

Hurley dog toy - better and stronger than a stick Bumi dog toy - flexible tug toy for dogs
Uses: Chew, Fetch, Tug, Floats
  • Bone, stick, and ball in one
  • Great for chewing and gnawing
  • Throw, bounce, fetch, tug, repeat
Uses: Tug, Fetch, Floats
  • Flexes to twice its length
  • Fling far for fetch
  • Tug-of-war

  Toppl dog toy - puzzle toy for dogs
Uses: Stuff, Fetch 
    • Puzzle dog toy
    • Combine both sizes for more challenge
    • Treat dispensing dog toy
  Boz dog ball - perfect dog ball for water play
Uses: Fetch, Floats
    • Light dog ball
    • More durable than a tennis ball
    • Perfect for days at the park or by the pool
  Dash dog toy - great dog frisbee
Uses: Fetch, Floats
    • Flying dog disc
    • Gentle on dog's mouth & to pick up
    • Floats for water retrieval 
  Wox dog toy - active play toy for dogs
Uses: Tug, Fetch, Bounce, Floats
    • Interactive tug dog toy
    • Great bonding toy or self play
    • Throw, bounce, shake & repeat


Every Zogoflex Dog Toy

No matter which dog toy above best matches your dog’s personality and play habits, you’ll be happy to know that since all the toys are made from our amazing Zogoflex material, every Zogoflex dog toy is:

  • buoyant (floats)
  • made in the USA 
  • guaranteed if damaged
  • recyclable
  • top shelf dishwasher safe
  • non-toxic
  • gentle on dog’s teeth
All Zogoflex dog toys



Please remember your pup’s safety is your responsibility. Choose only toys that are the appropriate shape and size for your pup and always supervise your pup's use of Zogoflex toys until you are confident he/she can safely play with the toy. If your pup is one of the few that can damage the toy, discontinue use of the toy and take advantage of our one-time guarantee.