FAQs on Petoji Products

How do I use the carabiner?

Twist the lock clockwise and pull the lever to open. The carabiner will automatically lock when closed, keeping your dog safe and secure. It may seem difficult to use at first, but you will find it becomes easier to perform the action after some practice. 

How to Use the Petoji Adventure Leash Carabiner
What is the Adventure Leash / Adventure Collar made of?
Our leash is made with a polyester webbing with a PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, and easy to clean.
Is PVC safe for my pet?
Yes! Our PVC coating is safe for your pet. Although ingestion of any foreign material is not recommended, the Adventure Leash will not cause harm should your dog put it in his mouth. 
Should your dog ingest a large portion of the leash, contact your local vet, ingestion of foreign objects may cause obstruction.
Is my dog too small for the Adventure Leash?
The Adventure Leash is suitable for dogs 20 lbs. – 150 lbs. Frankie is 16 lbs. and stands 8″ at the shoulder. The leash works perfectly for him, even while wearing a very small collar. We also offer the Adventure Leash Mini for dogs under 25 lbs, great for small breeds and puppies.


Where are your leashes & collars made?
Every leash and collar is handcrafted in our Texas studio. We take the time to ensure the quality of our products and materials, because your dog deserves the best.
What does no stink mean?
Ever have a nylon webbing, rope, or leather leash turn grungy and smelly after getting wet? This is because traditional leashes can harbor mildew and mold, causing that yucky odor. Our Adventure Leash and Adventure Collars are waterproof and washable meaning they will never retain moisture or foul odors.
How long is the leash?
Our standard Adventure Leash is 6 feet in length, just enough room to let your dog explore. The Adventure Leash Shorty is 4 feet long, great for walks around the block or urban areas. The Adventure Leash Traffic Lead is 2 feet long, perfect for dogs in training or very high traffic areas. The Adventure Leash Mini is 5 feet long, a happy medium for puppies and small breeds.