skeeter scram mosquito spray by simply soy atx sold by pupology dog boutique austin texas

Skeeter Scram Mosquito Spritzer (for Dogs & Humans)

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Skeeter Scram insect spray smartly and safely combines avocado oil, witch hazel and a proprietary blend of organic essential oils to create a “magical force field” (as described by fans of the product) that repels mosquitos and other pesky insects. It’s also the best skin moisturizer and does not need to be washed off...bonus! 

  • Safe for dogs. (not for cats) Spritz your hands and rub onto your pups’ fur; especially around the ears, neck and feet.
  • Made in Austin, Texas.
  • Holistic. Organic. All-Natural. 
  • Deet-free. NO chemicals. 
  • A must-have for all outdoor activities: yard work, camping, patio dining, sporting events, the dog park, boating, swimming, hiking and going to the lake, beach or park. 

Directions for use: Shake well then spritz onto exposed skin and rub to distribute. Safe for all areas of the body. Avoid getting into your eyes and mouth, of course. 

Recommended storage: In the fridge or a cool dry place such as your pantry.